Carole Jacobson’s 60th birthday party

“Having Santa entertain at my 60th birthday party – in a velvet suit in May – was a dream come true! My 80 guests visited Santa Land and received a gift from him. One Jewish friend said  this was her first ever visit with Santa and was the most fun ever!  Now I gotta find a way to invite him to other celebrations!!! ”

Carole Jacobson

Thank You! I love to hear feedback from my event and party organizers and attendees. – Much appreciated! Santa Steve.

Gary Dunham

Best Santa around!!! from Gary Dunham

Kelli Howard

Hi Santa Steve! Thank you again for your visit with us last weekend. It was the best we have ever had, despite my lack of communication on the gift location . You were wonderful! I received your note and check. So incredibly thoughtful of you. I will be putting the money toward our charity donations which we are dropping this week. Very unexpected but so much appreciated. You truly have touched our hearts and restored some faith that there really are selfless and kind souls still present in this world. We are blessed to have found you and are already looking forward to your visit again next year.

H. Geo. Unti

Santa Steve made our holiday party a blast! Really knows how to work the crowd. Thanks Santa!

Gregg Edelman

Steve is the BEST Santa we have ever had at our holiday parties. He is fun, professional, funny and his outfit is great! You can’t go wrong with Santa Steve!
Exposed Studio & Gallery

Jackie Brenda

Santa Steve has worked with me and my staff for the past 4 years to make beautiful Christmas Photos for my customers. He is reliable and a REALLY nice guy! His Santa costume is clean and very authentic…he reminds me of the Santa I always pictured when I was a child!!! He grows a real white beard and has rosy cheeks, which makes him quite photogenic! He is also good with dogs and children. I recommend Steve to anyone who is seeking a sweet and well-mannered Santa for their holiday event!
Jackie Brenda, owner, Smelly Dog