I will never to be able to write as many letters as I receive … but I do want to keep you all informed about what I’m up to!

A Year-End Message From Santa

Greetings to one and all!

I dearly appreciate my friends and their loving support throughout the year. Unfortunately,

I am never to be able to stay in touch as much as I would like, but I do want to keep you all informed about what’s keeping Santa Steve so busy!

Santa made some changes in 2018. I am doing fewer events, but longer ones that involve more than simply pictures with Santa. This past Christmas season, I spent a wonderful morning at StartLine Racing’s Jingle Bell Run (5K, ½ marathon, children’s jingle dash). The event was both fun and inspirational; I met so many selfless people, some who ran the marathon in tribute to people who had passed away, and others who ran for loved ones who were currently battling illness. It was truly a day of caring and accomplishment.

Santa also made an appearance at the Melrose Merriment Festival, a joyous community celebration that included a great variety of vendors, food trucks and fabulous entertainment. I highly recommend putting this event on your holiday calendar next year!

Fairway Mortgage’s holiday party for customers, employees, and families has been on Santa Steve’s list for five years now. This event is so much fun for adults, families, and Santa! We all enjoy the holiday celebrantion and get great pictures with which to remember them.

Though Santa Steve is not entirely non-profit, we do many “give-back” events, including:

  • An annual appearance at the Bethune School, a K-8 South Phoenix school. This season we took pictures, talked about what the students were accomplishing and, most importantly, enjoyed the day together. Santa received lots of wish lists and cherishes the precious pictures the children created just for him.
  • Santa Steve attended a fabulous event at Exposed Gallery in support of Aunt Rita’s Foundation, an entirely worthwhile organization supporting many HIV/AIDS programs including a feeding pantry, education outreach, and community support.

Santa is not just available in November and December, but all year long! Contact Santa Steve about filming for commercials and similar applications, or your next Christmas in July celebration!