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About Santa Steve

While visiting the Phoenix Arts Festival in 2007, I happened to stop by the Hollywood Regency Vintage Clothing store in the Melrose District. The owner, Heidi Owen, smiled warmly as I walked in the door. In the back of the store a vintage 1952 Santa Suit caught my eye. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, even after I left the store; something kept pulling me back to the store and the suit. My partner and Heidi encouraged me to try the suit on, and in that magical moment I knew I had a future as Santa. Heidi further encouraged me by donating the suit if I would put it to good use. That year I was Santa for the neighborhood children and for pictures with pets for a no-kill animal shelter.

Sadly, Heidi passed away in 2010. Santa Steve is dedicated to Heidi’s memory and her strong sense of community, caring, and concern for others. Santa Steve will forever carry the heart, love and kindness of Heidi. Even though some events are for profit, Santa Steve will always be geared towards helping others, ultimately providing kindness, sincerity, and respect for everyone, no matter what the circumstance of life.

Latest Letter from Santa

Greetings to one and all, a message from Santa Steve Holiday Season

I will never to be able to stay in touch as much as I would like during the summer months… but I do want to keep you all informed about what I’m up to! I greatly appreciate my friends and the loving support throughout the year.

By far, my events with Gregg Swiszcz and My City Apartments, are the most incredible opportunities to be with my friends and so much fun! Gregg provides not only holiday parties but, summer pool parties, movie nights and casino nights for the complexes.  If you’re looking for an apartment in the Phoenix and surrounding areas, check out the site!

You can also see on Facebook how much fun we have at these events! Please follow me on Facebook!

Please contact me for a list of the events – some are available for you, your family, pets and friends – just show up for Holiday Pictures. Hayley Curtis takes pictures and downloads them to Facebook. You may select the pictures, use your own printer or take them to a printer (most drug stores have a photograph center).

The most exciting opportunity I have is Santa Cam FX – if you have not looked this up on the internet or downloaded the free application,

You are missing out!

The phone application allows you to add your own active video’s with Santa. This application proves Santa is real

Every year I have families invite me to their homes, we do pictures, read books and pass out gifts.  I enjoy the annual Mackin party as well as several others during the season and beyond. If you’re interested I can provide you with references and a quote for your family party.

I was make and annual  appearance at the Bethune School. This is a school in south Phoenix K-8 grades. We took pictures, talked about what the students were accomplishing. I am hoping to expand my visit each year and maybe even be a part of their reading program.

Looking forward to a fun filled 2016 season and seeing all my friends